Network Setup and Essential Requirements

Internet Connection

Type of Connectivity

Atmosphere TV offers streaming over both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. This flexibility allows you to choose the best option according to your venue's infrastructure. 

Avoid using public or guest WiFi and mobile hotspots with our streaming device, as they can be unreliable, slow, and may have limitations.

For optimal and stable streaming performance, we advise connecting our device directly to a router or network switch using an ethernet cable, or alternatively, linking it to a secure private WiFi network.

Recommended Speed 

To avoid rebuffering and ensure a high quality viewing experience, we recommend a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps per device. This speed is crucial for delivering rich content smoothly and without interruption. Test your venue’s network speeds.

Data Management

Atmosphere TV devices cache content for Video on Demand (VOD) channels, utilizing about 5GB of data per channel change to make your favorites readily accessible.

Linear channels such as News and Sports provide real time updates and do not cache, typically consuming up to 60GB daily. If applicable, regularly monitor your data usage to avoid going over your data limits.

More detailed information about Data Consumption and Content Caching

For enhanced reliability, especially in high-interference areas, consider connecting your streaming device via an Ethernet cable instead of relying on Wi-Fi. This small step can greatly improve your streaming quality and consistency.

Firewall and Security Configurations

Connection Protocols

It's essential that your network allows  TCP 443/8443 to the internet. This setup, which uses HTTPS, ensures a secure and encrypted connection for all data transmission. 

Device Whitelisting

To prevent any network barriers, ensure that your device's MAC address is whitelisted in your network settings. This step is vital to allow internet access for your Atmosphere TV device.