How does Atmosphere TV work and how do I start watching?

Atmosphere TV is a streaming service for businesses.

We curate our own channels to help enhance the atmosphere of your business. Unlike cable, our channels are structured to be easily viewed no matter when you start watching; showing 8-12 second clips back to back. This allows for quick, engaging content for viewers!

When you sign up, you receive a custom device that plugs into your TV via HDMI cable. This device houses all our channels and syncs to your online portal, allowing you to manage our device, as well as upload free digital signage. If you operate or manage a business and have recently done this, please note that devices typically ship out within two business days of signing up. Keep an eye on your email for your shipping confirmation!

Once you receive your device and complete the easy setup process, just select the channel, playlist, or schedule to match your vibe, and start watching!

We ask that you play a minimum of 40 hours/month per device (that’s only 1-2 hours/day!) to earn the rebate that keeps the service free.

If you need help signing up, sign up online at