How do I transfer ownership of my account to someone else?

Are you no longer the point of contact or working for the business you signed up for Atmosphere TV? We are here to guide you through next steps. 

It is easy for someone on our support team to transfer ownership between two parties. The tricky part is ensuring we gather all valid information of the new account owner. We will need your help in making this transition as seamless as possible. 

Email,, that you are transferring account ownership to someone else at the business. (Include the following)

  • CC the new owner in the email
  • Why you are transferring
  • New owner's first and last name 
  • New owner's email
  • New owner's phone number
  • New owner's title

From there, we need confirmation from the new owner that they are in fact taking over the account. Our support team will then add them to your online dashboard

  • Last step, the new owner needs to replace your card information from the billing section of the dashboard with an updated card. (Card is billed in the event minimum streaming of 40 hours is not met

Once all of this is complete you will no longer be associated with the Atmosphere TV account. 

If you're unable to provide new contact information, please let us know so we can have a prepaid return label emailed over to you so you can get that equipment back to us. This will ensure you are no longer liable.