Firewall Security and Whitelisting

Atmosphere TV devices require a persistent network connection for smooth streaming. In some cases, firewalls or captive portals may interrupt or not allow access to the internet by needing a web login. This can stop the device from connecting and may disrupt streaming. 

If Atmosphere TV is not functioning or you’re unable to access it on the network, it might be due to network or firewall filters limiting the “Streaming Video” category or related classifications. Check your settings to confirm if streaming content is allowed.

For the best experience, use a network that avoids these interruptions and gives the device steady access to needed resources. You may need to contact your ISP or network security team to complete these steps. 

Firewall Details 

  • Allow Atmosphere TV Traffic: TCP 443/8443 (https) to the internet.
  • Allow Inbound Traffic: None



  1. Configure the firewall to allow the Atmosphere TV device to operate behind it. Specifically, allow outbound TCP traffic on port 443/8443 (HTTPS) from the device to the internet. This is crucial for Atmosphere TV traffic.
  2. Navigate to the MAC Address Filtering or Whitelisting section.
  3. Add the MAC address of the Atmosphere TV device to the whitelist.
  4. This ensures that only the specified device can connect to the network, adding an additional layer of security.
  5. After configuration, ensure that the Atmosphere TV device can connect to the internet and function correctly.

If you have tried these steps and are still experiencing issues, contact your network administrator or contact Atmosphere TV support at