How do I use templates for digital signage?

Free digital signage? Who doesn’t love that?!

If you are shying away from utilizing this amazing feature because you don’t have a marketing team, fear not, we have your back!

In your dashboard, we have preloaded templates to help anyone who does not have pre-made ads or needs help figuring out where to start when making them.

  • Log in to your Online Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Digital Signage
  • Hit Create Campaign to create a new campaign.
  • Explore our pre-created templates 
  • When you find the template you like for your advertisement click, Use Template
  • Choose colors that match your business or vibe, add your logo, upload your image, and edit any text
  • Name your campaign and choose which of your venues you want it to be seen
  • Select the date and times you want the ad to run through 
  • Publish your campaign

Now you are a marketing manager!

Your promotion will upload and show within minutes on your TV! If you still need assistance contact us at or (512) 675-1080.