How do I factory reset my device?

Need help reseting your device? Follow the steps below to reset your device to factory settings:

Apple TV Device

  1. Using your Apple TV remote, press the Back (<) or Menu button a few times to access the main menu.

  2. Select "Settings" from the menu options at the top.

  3. Click on "Network" in the Settings menu.

  4. Choose "OPEN APPLE TV SETTINGS" from the bottom of the network list.

  5. Select "Open" to access device settings.

  6. Scroll down and click on "System".

  7. Choose "Reset" and confirm (do not select "Reset and Update").

  8. After resetting, follow the on-screen instructions, beginning with pressing the center round button on the remote.

  9. Select your Language, Country or Region, etc. (Ensure to choose "Set-up Manually" and "Don't Use Siri").

  10. Reconnect to your WiFi network. (If using an ethernet cable it will connect automatically.)

Atmosphere TV Custom Device

  1. Hold the :gear: button on the remote to open Android settings

  2. Select “Device Preferences”

  3. Select “About”

  4. Select “Factory Reset”