How do I manage a single venue's promotions?

If you have multiple accounts linked together but want to segment the promotions to different venues, you have the option to do so!

When you first create your campaign you will select and edit your template or upload your custom promotion.

Once you continue, the next page will give you the option to choose which venues you want your campaign to run through as well as give the campaign a name. After you can manage the start date and schedule. 

how do i manage a single - via promotion creation

You can also edit venue assignments once a promotion is published:

  • Navigate to Digital Signage
  • Click the three dots on the promotion you'd like to change
  • Click View
  • Toggle venues on or off, or click Add Venues to add a venue to the promotion

mage venue promotion - editing

* Note: you cannot put different campaigns on different devices within the same venue at this time.