How do I change the resolution on my device?

Apple TV Device

If your television, video distribution system, or video converter doesn't support the default resolution that Apple TV uses, you may need to adjust the resolution settings. You can do this in two ways.

From The Remote

  1. Hold MENU (<) and VOLUME DOWN (-) for about 5 seconds.
  2. A screen will come up that cycles to a different resolution every 20 seconds.image3-1
  3. Select “OK” to choose a resolution or “CANCEL” to quit.

From The Settings

  1. From the Atmosphere  Home Screen select the “Settings” tab from the top
  2. Select network and choose, “Change Network - Open Apple TV Settings”image5
  3. Scroll down to “Video and Audio”image6
  4. Choose “Resolution” and select your preferred resolution

Feel free to adjust your display resolution; it won't affect video quality or increase your network bandwidth or data usage since all our videos are already encoded at 1080p and 720p resolutions.

Atmosphere TV Custom Device

Please note, the custom hardware devices are already configured to automatically switch to the best resolution. This toggle can be changed in the screen resolution settings as well. 

  1. Long-press the cog button ‘⚙️’ on the remote to bring up the Android settings menu panel and Select “Device Preferences” from the Android settings menu.


  1. Select “Display & Sound” to open up the display settings menu


  1. Select “Screen Resolution” and then “Display Mode” which will open up the display mode settings and change the resolution.



  1. Select your preferred resolution, generally 4k2k-59.94hz or 1080p-59.94hz, and confirm the changes when prompted.